Open Enrollment closes May 17th, 2021


This short open enrollment was held on Friday April 30th for your June renewal.  The video is the edited Zoom meeting and is 30 minutes long and outlines what you need to know for your June 1st effective date.  Please call our office directly at (209) 524-2893 with any questions.  

Highlights for 2021-2022 Medical Benefits

  • Contribution remains the same at 100/50/0 for Employee, Spouse and Dependents
  • Very small changes in KP and SHP with co pays, deductibles, etc.
  • Rate Increases
    • Kaiser:  1% – 9%
    • Sutter:  6% – 11%
    • Dental:  4%
  • All employees are required to log in and make selections by Monday, May 17th for a June 1st effective date.

You can relax, knowing that you have solid coverage in place for your business and your employees.